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Pastorelli Labda - Blue

14.500 Ft
Elérhetőség: Raktáron
Ritmikus Gimnasztika versenylabda
Cikkszám: 00003

Leírás és Paraméterek

Ritmikus Gimnasztika versenylabda

Származási ország: Olaszország
Átmérő: 180 mm
Súly: 400-430 gr
F.I.G. kód: 00001

Characteristic features:

  • Internal air chamber
  • High grip
  • Extremely nice appearence
  • made of very soft rubber and bounces with small exerted force
  • excellent shape that keeps it free of vibrations when thrown and rolled
  • available in severl colours

F.I.G. approved, diameter 18, weight 400 g - 415 gr

Used by the Italian national team, world Championship in 2009-2010.

Our apparatus meet today's FIG norms.

Méret 18,5cm
Szín típus: Egyszínű

Használati utasítás


The gym ball shall be used solely on the FIG-approved rhythmic gymnastics carpet. Avoid rubber flooring or linoleum.

We recommend that you store it immediately in your bag after use.

The ball must not be deflated while traveling to avoid compromising its technical and aesthetic qualities.

In case of re-inflation, lubricate the needle to prevent the displacement of the valve.

The ball must not be inflated more than the pressure with which is delivered.

Garantee policy only applies if the item is used correctly


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