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Solo GD8 lábszármelegítő 50cm

4.200 Ft
Elérhetőség: Nincs raktáron
Solo Lábszármelegítő
Cikkszám: GD8-993-50

Leírás és Paraméterek

A pair of stirrup knitted leg warmers by Solo. The leg covers are very soft and elastic and suitable for all leg and foot shapes. The model GD8 is available in four different sizes, the length 30,40,50 and 60 cm. Each size is shown in the picture below. The leg covers are made of acrylic and wool. They support and accelerate the warm-up and keep the muscles warm during the workout. Both the lower part of the leg covers and the heel cut-outs are processed with a silicone strip, which provides a better hold on the foot. The leg warmers are available in different colours. They are not only a great accessory, but also offer optimal wearing comfort.


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